Govt. Regd. No. 83290/067/068 Govt. Lic. No. 1029/068/069

Maa Padama

Employee Required Documents

Aadarsha Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. as an authorized agent, will carry out the following activities in Nepal on behalf of the employers under the rules and regulations of the Department of Labour Nepal. On receipt of any authenticated vacancy demand from the overseas employer, we apply at the Department of Labour for recruitment permission with following documents.

1. Demand Letter:

A copy of the demand letter from the employer containing all details of vacancy e.g. type of workers required nature and number of workers, salary, qualification and experience and other terms and conditions of service and benefits which the employer would offer.

2. Consular Letter:

A copy of visa advice/consular letter/work permit/N.O.C. etc duly authenticated.

3. Business Agreement:

The agreement between Aadarsha Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. and Employer mentions recruiting terms and conditions.

4. Power of Attorney:

A copy of power of attorney duly authenticated by the ministry of foreign affairs of Ministry of labour from the country of employer in labour of the recruitment agency to act on his behalf

5. Employment Agreement:

A specimen copy of employment contract of service agreement mentioning wages offered and schedule of benefits including accommodation, food, medical facilities leave etc.

6. Guarantee of the worker:

The guarantee from the employers that all workers sent to them will work within that country only. Nobody will send out of the country



All the documents must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Labour and the Chamber of Commerce in the country of an employer.

On receipt of recruitment permission from the department of labour, we advertise in newspapers, radio and television for eligible applicants who are interested and qualified for overseas employment. To ensure that the applicant is in good health, we require a physical from a recognized hospital or clinic.

We arrange all the travel documentsfor our personnel ready for overseas employment. The employers or his representatives then carry out interview trade testing written test and other necessary assistance and logistics. We arrange for the proper accommodation, transportation, security and other facilities to the employer or his representatives for their visit to interview eligible candidates.